Friday, April 2, 2010

Gambia Restaurants

No holiday is complete without good food! One of The Gambia’s best kept secret is the vast variety of restaurants. The Gambia is a mixing pot of culinary delights, you will find food from all parts of the world such as Chinese, Indian, Thai. African, Afro-American,
Jamaican. British, Italian, French, Lebanese and even Moroccan. Quality speaks for its self so to find the best restaurant ask your Rep for the most well established places to eat:

Kotu and Kololi offer a quieter atmosphere for a more relaxed holiday, fewer bars
and restaurants more modest entertainment with a couple of bars with live music
playing tracks from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and Karaoke Nights.

Luigi’s Pizza & Pasta House: is located on Palma Rima Rd, Kotu Beach.
Renowned for it‘s “Good Food” the menu has a wide selection of Italian and
British food. Set on 2 floors, the second floor balcony offers a relaxed atmosphere
overlooking the sea. It‘s a great place to watch the sun go down! and on the ground
floor is an ideal place for families offering kids menu and play area. Open all day from
8am serving full English breakfast, lunch and evening meals till 11.30pm. Kids meals

The Senegambia is the busiest area offering many bars, restaurants and night
clubs. It is one of the best places for people looking for an exciting night life. “The
Senegambia Strip” really comes to life after dark with an array of bars playing live
music, karaoke, big screen sports TV and many fast food outlets. 

Cheerz offers a great friendly atmosphere with all that you would expect from a family run business, situated at the top of Senegambia Strip on the High Rd. There are a number of
night clubs in the area which play ear-splitting modern music as well as reggae
sounds. They normally get going after midnight; the entrance fees are reasonable at
all the nightclubs, charging D100/D250 entrance fee. The cheaper night clubs are
frequented by (Bumpsters) locals youths looking to make “a friend” and tag along,
so do go along with someone you know. For the “night owl” Quality Catering
are open 24 hours on the corner of the Senegambia Junction for a quick snack after
dancing the night away. Always clean and freshly made while you wait!

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